Slow the Smoke

Knowle West Media Centre is supporting Bristol City Council and UWE on an innovative project to research air pollution and domestic solid fuel burning (wood and coal in fireplaces or stoves) in the Ashley Ward, Bristol.

This will be done through the installation of an air quality monitor in the area and engagement with citizens through surveys, workshops and citizen science.

Who is involved?

Illustration of the Air Quality team

How are they sensing problem?

A major part of this project will involve local residents through citizen sensing. Residents will get an opportunity to build their own DIY sensors to install at their homes to monitor air pollution in their neighbourhood. The citizen scientists will be a key part of the research to get a better understanding of the impact of solid fuel burning locally.

KWMC will also run more workshops over the duration of the project with the wider community with the help of an artist. We will explore people’s experiences of air quality and with the creative use of data and technology, we will look to find solutions which are people and issue led.

How can you get involved?

Please complete this form if you want to build and install a sensor at your home, take part in workshops and stay updated with the project.

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