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Are you a tech business looking for new inclusive ways to develop technologies and connect with your customers? Maybe you have the tools, but are missing the purpose?

We offer a range of services for businesses, enterprises and organisations that specialise in digital technology, data, innovation, design, and ‘smart city’ planning.

For example, Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) recently worked with Hunter Water in Newcastle, Australia to create a ‘think-piece’ that would shape the company’s Customer and Community Engagement Strategy. The piece focused on how a creative approach can help to establish positive dialogues between the organisation and individuals, communities and other stakeholders, and create the bonds, knowledge and shared understanding needed to make meaningful collective change possible.

The types of services we offer include:

Support & Consultation

We can support you to explore:
How to work with communities and develop positive relationships with stakeholders. This could include how to ensure your technology is relevant to local people or how to engage people in the designing and testing process.
How to use co-design methods with user groups and stakeholders.
How to embed design thinking* and co-design* practices into your organisation: both with your interactions with customers and stakeholders, and in staff working practices.


Our team have shared the story of The Bristol Approach and examples of co-designed citizen sensing projects with audiences nationally and internationally. If you’re running a symposium, business event or meet-up and are looking for an inspiring speaker, we can shape a talks or presentation to suit your needs.

Storytelling & Media

E.g. Demonstrating your company’s journey
We offer a range of media packages to help you showcase how your organisation has successfully developed relationships with stakeholders and delivered collaborative, co-designed projects. We can work with you to create video and other materials to demonstrate the difference your work has made.

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