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Are you a community group looking to find a way of gathering more evidence about a problem that matters to you – for example: pollution, soil quality, noise? Do you have lots of data about your community, but don’t know how to make sense of it?

Citizen Sensing can be a great way of bringing people together from a range of backgrounds to help tackle a shared area of concern.

For example, as part of the Making Sense project, in Barcelona, residents living near a noisy square came together with technologists, artists and local charities to collect noise level data and through creative campaign and telling a rich data story they were able to change policy and move the noise from their neighbourhood.

Our work with community-based organisations and community groups includes:

Inspirational material

We can produce and provide a range of materials to help you activate community interest in sensors and sensing, including:

Materials for use at community events to explain what citizen sensing is in fun interactive ways.

Support with delivering community events and information stalls.

‘Case study’ media material about the impact of other citizen sensing projects for your use, such as videos, quotes and stats.


We can offer one-off sessions or a series of workshops tailored to your group’s interests and ability, including:

Exploring the issues the group cares about and how sensors could be used to investigate and tackle them.

Making sense of sensors and sensing.

How to build and use sensors and assemble sensor cases.

Hands-on design and making sessions to imagine and build cardboard sensor cases.

Data literacy: what is data and how can we make sense of it?

We can provide workshop plans and resources or deliver workshops for you.


This could include support in how to secure more funding for your organisation or community mapping to develop and strengthen new partnerships.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your community to explore the world of citizen sensing and data.

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