What makes this Bristol’s Approach?

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Bristol has a long history of innovation, civic action and creativity. 

Bristol is also home to Knowle West Media Centre, an arts organisation and charity that supports people to make positive changes in their lives and communities by using the power of digital technology and the arts. KWMC is Bristol’s Living Lab and part of the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL)

In 2016 KWMC crafted The Bristol Approach, in collaboration with innovation company Ideas  for Change and Bristol City Council, based on the latest ‘smart cities’ research and insights from a 20-year history of supporting people to shape their communities.  

In 2017, The Bristol Approach was awarded an URBACT Good Practice award for sustainable urban development, shortlisted for a NextGen Digital Challenge award, and highlighted as a key ‘area of focus’ in Bristol’s entry in the UK Smart Cities Index. 

The Bristol Approach was developed by Knowle West Media Centre, Ideas for Change, and  Bristol City Council

Other projects supported:

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