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The Bristol Approach can help you to work with people to tackle the issues they care about and provide methods to co-design tools and innovations that can lead to lasting change. The Approach can help you avoid the pitfalls of many ‘top-down’ ‘smart city’ initiatives that begin with technical ‘solutions’ before checking the right problem is being addressed.

If you’re interested in getting involved in citizen sensing, whether you represent a school, business, university, community group or yourself, Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) can offer you support to suit your needs. KWMC is a National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) digital arts charity based in Knowle West, South Bristol.

KWMC has with over 20 years’ experience of collaborating with a range of partners to explore the potential of using digital technologies for social change: from businesses and researchers to schools, charities and community organisations. 

Find out more about how The Bristol Approach can help you achieve your mission.

Illustration of a group of people involved in the Food Waste project

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Knowle West Media Centre are always keen to hear from partners looking to develop new projects, experiment with new technology and work with people to make amazing things happen.

Throughout our 20 year history we have collaborated with universities, city councils and innovation companies, and artists in a variety of ways.

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