Knowle West Media Centre are always keen to hear from partners looking to develop new projects, experiment with new technology and work with people to make amazing things happen. Throughout our 20 year history we have collaborated with universities, city councils and innovation companies, and artists in a variety of ways.


As Bristol’s Living Lab – KWMC are leaders in collaborative community-led research and co-design methodologies.

If you are interested in shaping research projects with a wide range of communities across Bristol we have twenty years experience of co-designing and making with communities.

We have collaborated with Universities to: engage people in the co-design and testing of new technologies, write papers, develop live briefs for student projects in community contexts, provide user case studies for new research, embed researchers into projects to write evaluative papers, and jointly apply for research funding.

We can:
Provide consultation and training in how to engage and work with communities, thereby increasing the public engagement impact.
Share our citizen-led, co-design approaches through participating in panel discussions and symposiums
Form research partnerships

Local Authorities

The Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing received a Good Practice award from URBACT in 2017, demonstrating that the approach is highly regarded as transferable and highly beneficial practice for cities looking to: engage and empower their citizens as well as become more resilient through processes of co-design and mass participation.

Bristol City Council are funders and advocates of The Bristol Approach to citizen sensing and believe that only through engaging citizens more at every step along the way can we create better cities.

We have collaborated with local authorities by: working together on funding bids, sharing learning at talks and conferences, collaborating on publications.

We have also:
Provided consultation and training for staff – in how to: engage and work with communities, apply the principles and phases of The Bristol Approach when uncovering issues, engaging citizens, designing solutions and making sense of data
Developed case studies that demonstrate both how citizen sensing projects can enable citizens to become more active in creating positive change and how people are interacting with council data tools.


If you are an artist excited by civic innovation, citizen sensing, making sense of data, or working with people in a workshop / co-designing context we would love to hear from you.

We have twenty years experience of working with artists to develop and expand their practice through residencies and commissions to make new work with communities and in community contexts.

We often encourage and enable practitioners to work across disciplines and experiment with new art forms. Allowing emerging artists to flourish whilst also supporting established artists experienced in socially engaged and digital arts practice.

The video above is an example of a project where a performance artist and poet made an artwork to be viewed in Bristol’s datadome or planetarium.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to explore the world of citizen sensing and data.

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