A-Z of Care

What Is It?

Inspired by pleasure activism and radical rest, the A-Z of Care cards are a tool to seed new thoughts and grow deep practices of care. The cards can be used to explore how to express and receive care through creative practice.

Each card has a letter of the alphabet with a corresponding word related to care, such as ‘Access’, or ‘Boundaries’. On the back of each card is a related prompt such as, “Collective Care: What do you need to feel cared for? What can you do to care for others?” alongside an inspiring quote. The quotes are from a mix of activists, thinkers and co-creators involved in this project.


The A-Z of Care cards were created as part of the Creativity + Care programme at Knowle West Media Centre(KWMC), an arts organisation and charity that supports people to make positive changes in their lives and communities by using the power of digital technology and the arts.

The project was led by Roseanna Dias and Josephine Gyasi. The cards were designed by Designer Philly and developed in collaboration with creatives: Daniel Edmund, Elsie Harp, Grace Kress, Jae Tallawah, Jade Johnson, Leyla Moazzen, Martha King, Purple Girls Collective, Raquel Meseguer.

How To Use

These cards can be used by anyone who would like to explore and experience nourishing spaces of care. They are designed to support, inspire and enable creative practice, but could be used by anyone even if their practice is not creative.

In the pack of cards, you will find questions, prompts, quotes and suggestions. Each of them can be interpreted through reflection or activity (drawing, writing, talking, performing, thinking) and can be done individually or within a group setting. For example, you can spend from five minutes up to an hour noting down your thoughts in any way or medium that you choose.

The cards work best in a cosy and calm environment which encourages open conversations. Try adding cushions, blankets, soft lighting, music, tea… or try using them outdoors in the fresh air.

When To Use

The A-Z of Care cards are particularly useful in the early phases of the Bristol Approach. They are ideal for connecting with your team and participants at the start of a workshop or discussion.

Explore Further

Based on the idea of the ‘commons’, this tool is open-source and collaboratively cared for.

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