Using Arts based Methods in Science Communication

What Is It?

This pop-up guidebook is for sharing knowledge, testing out ideas, and gathering feedback from anyone applying arts-based methods in the context of science communication. It is intended for educators, developers, community activists or civic officers who focus on inclusion and agency of citizens.

After, the guide will be updated and the final version will be written.


This resource was created to share and expand the research from the ParCos project, which aims to change the way that science stories are communicated by inviting the audience to participate and interpret the data for themselves.

How To Use

Each element of the guidebook works independently, but also as part of the whole. Use it to explore how to use arts-based participatory methods to make sense of data.

The ‘Arts-based examples’ section includes real-world examples of how the ParCos partners have implemented arts-based methods of science communication. In the ‘Methods’ section, there are how-to guides for various activities with different levels of difficulty. Some of the activities might require a facilitator with a bit of experience.

When To Use

The Arts Based Methods can be used throughout each stage of the Bristol Approach.

Explore Further

The guidebook is a living document and available as web page that can be printed or downloaded for offline use as necessary. It is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

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