Come Together

What Is It?

This is a website documenting the ‘Come Together’ project. It is designed to inspire and support you to test out your own creative and inclusive ‘hybrid’ experiences; where people connect and come together through a mix of digital and physical spaces.

The website is split into four categories delving into different questions around ‘hybrid’ through the themes of: ‘Inclusion in Action’, ‘Making it Sensory’, ‘Imagining for real’ and ‘Claiming the right to rest’. Each of these categories have blog posts of workshops, projects and artist commissions. These blogs include videos and photos of workshops plus soundscapes and podcasts.


This resource is a website which documents Come Together’s projects. ‘Come Together’ was a programme of public events, training, co-creation and commissions from summer to autumn 2021. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme explored creative ways to stay connected using a mix of digital and physical (‘hybrid’) tools. Many of the projects used accessibility as their creative spark, exploring how these hybrid spaces have potential to be more inclusive.

The programme was led by Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), an arts organisation and charity that supports people to make positive changes in their lives and communities by using the power of digital technology and the arts . KWMC collaborated with local people, national partners and critical friends plus commissioned six artist projects.

How To Use

Navigate through the four themes by swiping horizontally through the homepage and clicking on each image. Alternatively, access these via ‘Archive’ in the main menu.

Once you’re feeling inspired to create your own hybrid events, head to the ‘Resources’ page for practical guides. Here you will find accessibility tips, equipment checklists, set-up instructions, and recommended digital tools.

When To Use

This resource is great for the ‘Designing’ or ‘Sharing’ phase of the Bristol Approach, helping you to consider how your project can be accessible for physical and digital audiences. The experimental nature of the Come Together programme makes it great inspiration for the ‘Testing’ phase of the Bristol Approach too.

Explore Further

Based on the idea of the ‘commons’, this tool is open-source and collaboratively cared for.

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