ParCos Storyteller

What Is It?

The ParCos Storyteller is a guidebook designed to support you to tell stories with data. This kind of ‘data storytelling’ can help reduce misinformation by increasing the data literacy skills of the public.

The document proposes different data storytelling techniques which encourage readers to interact with the story, or reveal data for themselves, or further explore this data independently. It is an interactive PDF which guides you through this process of creating a ‘data story’:

  1. Finding the data
  2. Finding the relevant story
  3. Developing the narrative
  4. Exploring ways of presenting the data story
  5. Different stages of audience involvement

The steps are also further supported with good-practice examples.


The ParCos Storyteller was created by VRT and Luca Arts. This resource was created as part of the ParCos project, which aims to change the way that science stories are communicated by inviting the audience to participate and interpret the data for themselves.

How To Use

The guidebook may be useful for science communicators, science/data journalists, media or communication professionals, people involved in engaging local communities with data issues or anyone interested in telling stories with data for other reasons. It can inspire you to present data in a more participatory way which adapts to their audience.

When To Use

The ParCos Storyteller is ideal for the ‘Sharing’ phase of the Bristol Approach. Use it to help you tell stories with your data after collecting it.

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