Tips and Tricks

What Is It?

They are a set of 20 cards with thought-provoking recommendations for collaboration,  innovation, and action. The advice ranges from being ‘dogged but not inflexible’ to remembering that experts should be ‘on tap, not on top’.  


Exploring different ways of working, learning, and collaborating with others, KWMC has transformed many of the principles, practices, and lessons it has developed over 20 years into a series of learning resources.  

We have been co-designing these Tips & Tricks since 2014, when we worked with academics, and community activists to explore how they could better understand each other’s ways of working. Since then, we have consulted and collaborated with the European Network of Living Labs and many others to develop a series of learning resources. 

There are five sets of 20 recommendations covering ‘Tips and Tricks’ :

  • From Community Activists 
  • For Academics Working with Communities 
  • For Artists and Communities Working Together 
  • For Living Labs working with citizens (a collaboration with the European Network of Living  Labs) 
  • Tips & Tricks for Building a Sustainable Living Lab (a collaboration with iSCAPE and the  European Network of Living Labs) 

How To Use

The Tips & Tricks resource packs can be used in a variety of ways: from being a useful discussion-starter and creative tool to help you reflect on your work and explore new perspectives and possibilities; gauge differences of opinion and interpretation within a  team; to raising awareness of the opportunities and challenges presented by different cultures, disciplines, languages and expectations. 

You could also use these cards as a playful activity during the identification, framing or design phases of the Bristol Approach.  

Whether you use them as a workplace resource, a discussion starter or a reflection tool, we hope these Tips & Tricks inspire you to start new conversations and see the ‘everyday’ with fresh eyes. 

When To Use

The cards are ideal for all phases of the Bristol Approach, but particularly as provocations and discussion starters, or as an evaluation tool.

Explore Further

The Tips & Tricks cards are available to purchase via our online shop here. They come in a laser-cut box and contain:  

  • 20 coloured cards, each with a ‘tip’ or piece of advice printed on them, 3 plain cards for users to design their own ‘tips’, 
  • information card and a ‘how to use’ card with suggested activities. 

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