Trainer Cards

What Is It?

This card deck is a reflection tool for science communicators. The guidelines on the cards are posed in the form of questions, to stimulate thinking and spark discussions.


The Trainer Cards were created by researchers from the KU Leuven as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project ParCos (Participatory Communication of Science).

The questions for the trainer cards are based on criteria for creative and interactive science dissemination, which were identified through a systematic review.

The Trainer Cards support science communicators to develop and evaluate their own science stories. In doing so, the card approach can help to look at things from different perspectives, such as – narrative, scientific, technological, and design.

How To Use

There are four science story dimensions in the card deck. The dimensions correspond with four aspects of science communication: science, communication, technological tool, and impact.

Within each dimension, there are three layers. These layers respond to the level of difficulty and expected specialisation.

When To Use

The A-Z of Care cards are particularly useful in the early phases of the Bristol Approach. They are ideal for connecting with your team and participants at the start of a workshop or discussion.

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