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Is your school looking for creative workshops about data, technology and science?

Do you want your students to learn:
How to work together to collect useful data
How to make sensors
How to interpret and ‘make sense of’ data

Citizen Sensing is a great way to get a whole class, year group or school working together to gather data about something that matters. For example – how polluted is our playground?

Through a series of workshops students can learn how to make digital sensors, design beautiful cases for the sensors and then work together to tell a story about the data collected.

For example – as part of our Damp Homes project, we worked with classes in South Bristol to measure damp around the school. The students built temperature and humidity sensors, cased like frogs, and created paper lily-pad ‘data-diaries’ where they noted information about the weather etc. This project helped the students learn about data, improve their data literacy and see how important it is to use a mix of digital and human sensing to tell stories about data.

These are some of the specific things we can offer:

Lesson Planning and Delivery

Lessons could include:
1) What is data? (exploring questions of ethics, privacy and collection)
2) What are sensors? How can you use them to explore an issue in more detail? (e.g. air pollution)
3) Co-design sessions (working together to draw and prototype cases for sensors)
4) Making sessions (fixing sensors onto sensor boards and assembling cases)
5) Coding (introducing sensor software)

Storytelling & Media: ‘Tell your school’s sensor story’

If your school is running a citizen sensing project and gathering local data, we can support your students to document and share what you’ve discovered. This could include learning filming, photography, editing, audio and other journalist skills, and could result in the creation of media for your website or other platform.


This could include running workshops with staff and school governors to identify the needs of your school and how a sensing project could help you gather data to enable you to achieve an aim or understand an issue better. We can also help you map and develop links to other schools, creating a school sensing community or shared data literacy accreditation.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your school to explore the world of citizen sensing and data.

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